Sunday, June 19, 2016

Remembering and Coherence Therapy

If you've walked jungle once you're never the same. Coherence Therapy can shift your instincts. Check out my therapy page: Link to insights,

That blog post -- situated on my other blog -- is linked to my teaching site. It is dated during my strongest flashback experience of my life. I'm forever grateful for the network of practitioners and psychotherapists I've built over the decades.

Events I participated in and learnings that were embedded into my memory system from dates between 1963 and 1972 have become a deep pile of jumbled memories.  This is my personal Coherence Therapy flickerback archive.

You may find benefit from any of a number of organizations that aid veterans in arranging air travel to Vietnam. 

Here is one that I'm considering as a possible way to re-member and de-fang those times. TOP -- Tours of Peace Vietnam Veterans

Traveling so that you could stand In-Country can bring about an unsurpassed depth of healing. However, you'll need a Context in order to get the most out of travel. So be sure to research the options that you can access most  effectively. 

Whatever you choose I'm here when you need a session of Life Review or what I've called Next Step Medicine

Contact me and learn more about counseling or psychotherapy options: About Me (on my clinical site).

Friday, January 16, 2015

Flickerback dynamics and your personal reclamation of control of your life.

[Under rewrite, as of March 14, 2017. Originally written when I lived in Hilo, the Big Island of Hawai'i.]
Today I am putting this concept of Flickerback back online because it is so important to the inner and outer work that I promote through approaches such as Primal Therapy (

I developed the term, Flickerbacks in my practice in Hawai'i. There I came to know the word, "Ohana." That means Family -- which can be your birth family or the larger Family you think of as surrounding you.

I’ve begun this new blog titled, Flickerback Veterans, to give respect to those of you who have been labeled as having the phenomenon known as “Flashbacks”.

Flashbacks describe now-common term that is related to a person's memory of events. The effect that is called a "flashback" is very powerful. However, it is not the only effect that a "memory unit" can cause.

The innate human quality of memory can create suffering if the person has not been given the clues to unlock the trauma from their neurophysiology.

In future postings on this blog I'll be taking time to describe what I'm learning from conversations with people who have had traumatic events. I plan to give more information about the difference between "Flashbacks" and "Flickerbacks."

[Update] Flickerbacks are only fleeting and you might not even be aware that one has occurred when you eye may move or you pull back from some object or person. I will be writing a How-To Handout in working with them. The bottom line is that you have my encouragement to stop and think for a few seconds about "What just happened there?, am I able to get in touch with something that might have some value to my life?"

Blow on it and if the memory explodes into a near-flashback simply move your attention away from it and find some counselor or person who can help you deal with it.  However, if it does not burst into hot emotions, you may learn something important for your future when you take a deeper look into what was beginning to become conscious that can affect your next choices.

In my practice in Washington DC and now here in Hawai'i, I aim to help people create their next choices.

I’m in contact with many individuals and institutions that may be a “good fit” for someone who needs assistance with sometimes overwhelming needs.

My earlier internet site now links to my new site. Earlier: Currently my new clinically-based site in Hawai'i is:

For those who have followed my career you will note that these and now link to the site:

Routefinders is very much on my heart and mind as my community of people follow my combined practice and support of others as they find their routes through life.

Routefinders may be upgraded to a kind of national "franchise" where Veterans can contribute to the safety and self-empowerment of those who have had difficult times in their lives.

Stay tuned to the sound of new things happening. One of my helpers, a Routefinder Associate, may soon be making her debut online.  People helping people move forward in their lives.

Best wishes and Aloha from here in Hawai'i,

Dr. Wilson

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